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Sunday, 1 November 2015

DIY memory box

Hey everyone! Sorry about the large gap between the posts! But I am back with a new post and it is a DIY!!! I'm quite excited for this one because the results of the DIY are AMAZING!! Not going to lie and that is why I want to share it with you!!!

So this DIY is very simple and all you need is:

  • A shoe box - bottom and lid
  • Some paint - any colour just something you like
  • Some wrapping paper - I would advise you to have the wrapping paper and the paint coordinate because if they don't your memory box won't look as good and neat.
  • Some paintbrushes - well duh! If you are using paint you normally use brushes.
  • Some decoration items to stick on the lid.
Now the steps!

1. Get your shoe box base and paint it the colour you chose earlier. It can be multi-coloured or you
    can even wrap wrapping paper at the bottom but I chose to paint it black

2. Let the box dry and while that is happening move onto the lid. I wrapped mine up in wrapping
    paper but you can use paint or other materials as well.
3. Completely cover the lid inside and outside.
4. Decorate the box. I stuck two thin green pieces of paper and then stuck a blue piece of paper which
    had 'My Memory Box' written in a metallic gold sharpie.
5. I also added quilled flowers and circles - I had recently learn quilling so wanted to show off my
    skills plus it looks pretty good on it ;-)

6. After the box had dried I stuck on quilling strips so it matched with the lid.

The finished product was fantastic as you can see below!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and this DIY and be sure to send me pictures if you ever try this. Check on the left hand side for my social media and please like and subscribe because it's free!!

Shushpriya xxx