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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Study Tips

So nearly all of us get distracted when study or doing homework. That is normal. So I am going to give a few tips on how to be able to get through your homework without that many distractions!!

1) Location

This an important one because the place that you study is important. If you are doing it in an environment with a lot of background noise it could be hard to work and so I recommend working in your bedroom or maybe even going to a library or coffee shop. I recommend the library because some libraries have a special room or section where you can just study without any noise. A coffee shop is also a good idea if you enjoy the smell of coffee because I find it relaxing and the atmosphere, if it not too crowded, is quiet and calm. Howeve if you enjoy working while having background noise then I recommend finding a secluded area and listening to music because some people think that you should work in a noisy environment but that is not very good because you can get distracted very easily.

2) Distraction

Distraction. It is very easy to get distracted easily because of things surrounding us. I even get distracted with the ceiling and even though you can't completely get rid of the distractions, you can minimise them. That is why you should get rid of your phone and all electronics devices (unless you need a computer to research or something then you could block the websites using apps or programmes such as StayFocused which is a google add-on.

3) Time

Set a time limit in which you need to complete a particular task and this will help you complete your project quickly. Also have a break in between every 30 minutes but don't go on social media or youtube because it is really easy to lose track of time and once you get started in watching a youtube video then you just keep watching them - I speak from experience.

4) Quantity

Do not do a huge bulk of stuff in a short amount of time because firstly they will not be up to a good standard and secondly you will tire yourself out and your mind will not function very well near the end so I recommend on a school day to do about 3 hours of work maximum and on a holiday about 6 hours maximum.

I hope these tips came in handy and please share if they do so more people will be able to benefit from these tips ;-) 
Shushpriya xxx