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Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Okay so firstly I apologise for not updating for the last few weeks but the holidays and exams were a lot of pressure and time consuming with christmas and vacations but I thought a nice way to make my return back would be by doing new years resolutions to inspire me and you because everyone could do with a bit of inspiring to create a list of new year's resolutions!!

1) Be dedicated to my blog- even though not many people read this blog, it's mine and I need to learn to be dedicated to it because nothing can succeed without dedication and if I want this blog to have good content and help people I need to be dedicated and practice because practice makes perfect.

2) Don't delay on homework - I'm still a student and I need to learn to do my homework when it is given so I don't have pressure on myself to do it at last minute but I have a feeling this new years resolution is going to fail because I have a music project pending but I am procrastinating and delaying it because for some reason I do not want to do it. I am just dreading having to start writing the essay even though it will not take me long because I know what I need to write.

3) Don't give up!- This is one of the most important one for me because if I feel like I'm failing at something I give up because it's not going to be perfect and that annoys me more than anything else so you could say I am a bit of a perfectionist but fortunately it is improving for me and I am slowly decreasing the frustration levels when something does not go to plan.

Those are pretty much my new years resolutions and some may think this is a small list but I actually want to try and achieve my goals because they will help me become a better person. So I hope you were inspired by these goals and comment what your new years resolutions are!!!

Shushpriya xxx